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    Senior Leader

    Jon is an experienced senior leader and current deputy headteacher working in a large and diverse North East secondary school. As a classroom teacher he has experience of working in 3 different schools for nearly 15 years.  His responsibility areas as a senior leader over the past 10 years have been in Behaviour, Attendance, Raising Achievement, Professional Development and leading on Teaching & Learning.

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    Jon regularly presents at TeachMeets and teaching conferences both in the UK and internationally via Skype. This has included presentations to conferences in New York, Ohio and Dubai along with national conferences here in the UK. Jon also delivered a talk on the world famous TED stage in 2015, talking about ‘The Future of Learning’.

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    Olympic Torch Bearer

    In 2012, Jon was selected to carry the Olympic Torch at the London 2012 Olympics. This honour came after he was nominated due to his work with young people. Since carrying the torch, Jon has delivered lessons all over the world on the Olympic Torch, spreading the Olympic message via Skype to schools in 15 different states in America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and France.

Highlighted Work

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Jon presented on behalf of Microsoft UK Education at the 2014 BETT Show in London, where he delivered talks every day on how to use Skype in the classroom and has since become one of the 2016 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.

As part of his continued work with Skype, Jon was invited to become a Skype in the Classroom champion and part of the Master Teacher programme.

During the summer of 2013, the major UK examination board OCR asked Jon to write two articles for their website which were published on GCSE and A Level results days. You can read Jon’s article ‘Making Results Day a Day To Remember’ which was published on GCSE results day and ‘What Next? Advice From Someone Who’s Been There’ that was published on A Level results day.

Jon regularly contributes to the www.innovatemyschool.com website with blog posts and articles relating to innovative practice in school – see Jon’s contributions here.

As a senior leader, Jon also writes articles on education matters for www.seniorleaders.co.uk which is run by Subject Support.

The global education site dailyedventures.com which titles itself as a ’365 day look at the global heroes in education’ recently interviewed Jon about being a connected educator. Read the article here.

Jon has worked with Smart Wall Paint to see how it can produce creative learning spaces in schools. Read his guest post on their website.

Jon is also a Piktochart global education ambassador.

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