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5 Uses for Digital Signage in Schools

The first interactive whiteboards were invented back in the 90s. It was a while before they caught on but now they have been at the heart of classroom teaching for years. A more recent development has been the introduction of tablets in an educational setting. As with interactive whiteboards, this platform has gone hand-in-hand with the gamification of learning. The best teaching appreciates that many pupils are kinaesthetic or visual learners. Students who process information best, not out of a textbook or from the teacher’s mouth, but when doing or watching things. Technology has been instrumental in delivering a more tailored education. But many areas of schooling continue to be overlooked…

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JT5 Uses for Digital Signage in Schools

4 Trends for Disruption in Higher Education

Technology has disrupted plenty of industries, from banking and finance to hospitality. So what’s next? We think there’s a lot of opportunity for disruption in higher education. There’s a lot of talk about technology in the classroom, whether it’s implementing educational video games into the teaching process or integrating useful technology skills (like coding classes) into the curriculum for younger students. Higher education, however, has continued to operate surprisingly the same for decades, prompting the question “why?”

There’s a huge opportunity for disruption in the higher education field, and some startups are already starting to tackle long-standing problems that have become commonplace in the higher education industry. Here are four trends that are starting to emerge and that we think will be worth watching in 2017.


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JT4 Trends for Disruption in Higher Education

Emojis in the Classroom

There are not many messages I now send via either text message or social media where I don’t include the use of an emoji. It is becoming a cultural part of the way we communicate, making it more fun and informative, together with an insight into your emotions. Emojis have also been recently described in a professional study by Professor Vyv Evans of Bangor University as ‘the fastest growing language in the UK and evolving faster than ancient forms of communication, such as hieroglyphics’.

So if we are seeing a cultural change in the way we are communicating and expressing our emotions, then why aren’t we looking to develop the potential of this in our classrooms? If the young people that we teach every day are the digital natives who engage in this new form of communication, then let’s use it to engage them further in their education.

Emoji Think

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JTEmojis in the Classroom

Connecting Classrooms

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the impact digital technology is having on today’s educational landscape. In little more than a decade, the internet has changed the world that we once knew. The way we shop, travel, learn & interact with others have all been transformed by the web. For better or worse, the internet has made the world smaller. It has created an online world without borders that is now accessible to us all. Individuals and organisations can overcome geographical, cultural & logistical barriers which is proving to be significantly more time & cost effective. Time & distance are now no longer obstacles. Due to this increasingly globalised environment, the need to teach young people core skills such as digital literacy, critical thinking, and creativity are becoming more and more essential.


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JTConnecting Classrooms

The Art of Conversation

As teachers and school leaders, we are constantly in conversation with either students, staff or parents. Our ability to lead and manage these conversations is key to communicating both our thoughts and vision. Communicating effectively is not just about talking though. Our ability to listen intently and effectively in conversations is normally always underestimated and taken for granted. But do we know how to listen properly? And have we ever stopped to think about this as a key skill? As a teacher I’ve been trained in everything from child protection to driving a minibus, but surprisingly not how to listen.


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JTThe Art of Conversation

Pitching for Talent

Click on the icon below to read my guest post on the Senior leaders site about how schools need to re-think their approach to staff recruitment.


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JTPitching for Talent
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